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LG 'Touch Web' Handset Targets You-Know-What

Gordon Kelly


LG 'Touch Web' Handset Targets You-Know-What

LG is clearly obssessed with outdoing guess what...

The 'Touch Web' is the company's latest attempt at the big 3in touchscreen candybar (an iPhone-esque approach it has tried a lot recently) and with a whopping 800 x 480 native resolution it may just turn a few heads.

Aside from this flagship feature however the Touch Web also holds its own with T-DMB mobile TV, 3G connectivity (it isn't said, but there's a camera on the front facia), a 3MP camera on the back with anti-shake, Bluetooth 2.0 and a microSD memory expansion slot. Other vitals such as onboard memory, WiFi, size and weight have been curiously left off (never a good sign) considering the handset will launch in Korea next month for approx £300.

That said, given the selection of T-DMB (the Euro standard is DVB-H)) I suspect we won't be seeing it make the long haul trip over to the UK anyway. Still, given Korea's test bed-like status for the rest of the world I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest to find the Touch Web becomes the 'inspiration' for a number of Q3/Q4 handsets on our chilly and rainy Isle.



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