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LG Smears New Slider In Touch Sensitive Buttons

Gordon Kelly


LG Smears New Slider In Touch Sensitive Buttons

In the run up to 3GSM, you inevitably get a raft of releases from manufacturers either looking to beat the rush or - in most cases - announce a lowlight that would otherwise get lost amongst the highlights. Looking at LG's 'KF510' I'm tempted to place it somewhere between the two...

On the plus side, the KF510 is a perfectly decent looking handset and at just 10.9mm thick it is certainly skinny for a slider and rooted firmly in the fashion phone sector. Also winning it props is LG's decision to go upmarket with the materials and the handset uses a metal frame and scratch resistant tempered glass screen. The 3MP integrated camera isn't to be sniffed at either.

That said, this is something of a Marmite phone since it employs the ever-so-love em/hate em touch sensitive buttons (which famously mucked up the Samsung U600 in abundance. Consequently, whereas most manufacturers wreck vary their handset designs by slapping on a pair of answer and end call touch sensitive buttons, LG has decided to build the KF510's entire menu and multimedia controls around them. I can only imagine the 'joy' this will can users trying to scan - rather than skip - music tracks, while the size and positioning of the answer/end call buttons themselves have to be questioned.

Available in either (Stardust) gray, or (Sunset) red, the KF510 will be irritating challenging consumers from March. Just don't say I didn't warn you...


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