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LG Shows Off First European Android Handset

Gordon Kelly


LG Shows Off First European Android Handset

September is shaping up to be a busy month for Google Android...

We've had the Spotify Android app this week, we're getting the first Motorola Android handset(s) next week and now LG's first Android handset for Europe has made an official appearance.

The 'Etna' is scheduled to hit in late Q4 and packs a 3in touchscreen and 5MP camera into a rather clean Qwerty slider form factor. All else we know is that Bluetooth and USB charging make an appearance, but it would seem HSDPA and GPS would be a given on any Android build these days. As for Android itself there is none of the fancy Sense=type customisation going on, but it could also simply be an early beta. Furthermore, given LG's love of announcing series of handsets I'd be surprised if this is the only model come Christmas time.

So now we have HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorola and Sony Ericsson (plus many other minor players) all committed to Android with just Nokia (and obviously Apple and RIM) steering clear - for now. That's a pretty impressive state of affairs for a platform which had its commercial launch less than a year ago...


via chip.de

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