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LG Reveals Tiny, Sexy, Wii Inspired ION Nettop

Gordon Kelly


LG Reveals Tiny, Sexy, Wii Inspired ION Nettop

This could be the sexiest nettop yet...

LG has thrown its hand into this fast developing sector which has already seen the Eee Box, Acer Revo and rather similar Emtec GBox and done the sensible thing: thrown an nVidia ION chipset inside.

The result is the 'Xpion X30' and, silly names apart, no one is laughing at the svelte dimensions of 148 x 105mm and 1.1Kg weight, nor its ability to play back Full HD 1080p video, especially when connected directly to an HDTV over its handy HDMI port. VESA mounts also mean the dinky nettop can be attached to the back of your TV - if it isn't already attached to the wall.

Elsewhere things are a little more predictable with an Intel Atom 230 1.6GHz processor, 2GB or DDR2 RAM and a 250GB HDD. Windows Vista Home Basic is installed, but you want to get that off asap and put Windows 7 on instead. WiFi isn't mentioned, but is usually a cert on these devices (in fact it's such a cert we'll just say it's there).

The snag: so far the Xpion X30 is only confirmed for Korea. It will launch next month though so I suspect LG will soon get pretty positive market feedback, meaning either an international launch or for something very similar to land on our shores before long.

2009 really has been excellent for the netbook and nettop sectors. Who else can't wait to see what 2010 brings...?


via Akihabara

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