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LG Promises Thinnest LED LCD TV @ CES

Gordon Kelly


LG Promises Thinnest Ever LED TV @ CES

Here's something well worth flagging up, even if details are slim... (see what I did there?!)

LG has confirmed it will be showing off the world's thinnest LED HDTV at this years' CES though - to be honest - we'd be rather disappointed if someone wasn't showing off the thinnest x, y or z in most categories.

That said, at just 24.8mm the 55in 'LH95' should look remarkably impressive and I don't limit that to its side on view either with LG claiming the model will support 240Hz TrueMotion Drive technology and sport a typically, ludicrously high contrast ratio (2,000,000:1 in this instance). Apparently the set has already picked up the 2009 CES Innovation Award in the display category, though that seems a little premature to me.

Still, the LG LH95 should be one of the highlights at this year's show and we'll be keen to see how it measures up in the flesh. Two caveats though: don't rule out the likes of Samsung or Philips to deliver something even more waifish under LG's noses and for those still scared of wall mounting their flat screen TVs: 2009 will be your friend...

In related news LG is also integratng YouTube support and the CinemaNow pay-per-view service into its next generation Blu-ray players. We'll soon bring you the skinny (sorry, couldn't resist) straight from Vegas.


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