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LG Plans European 3G Wristwatch Phone

Gordon Kelly


LG Plans European 3G Wristwatch Phone

It seems like a logical union, but it hasn't taken off - yet...

Looking to change the resistance to phone/wristwatch combinations however is LG which will use CES to debut its first attempt at a mass market, European solution with the 'GD910'.

Combining both a 1.43in touchscreen display with voice dialling and text-to-speech conversation, the GD910 will hope to maximise the potential of its form factor while making us all look like 1970s spies. The inclusion of integrated Bluetooth however could finally see the take-off of wireless headsets.

At just 13.9mm thin this GD910 shouldn't carry any additional bulk to the usual chunky Swatch, Storm and BabyG-style watches doing the rounds and while I can't entirely see the point of its 7.2Mbit HSDPA (an unlisted microSDHC slot and music playback perhaps?) it certainly ticks off the key specs with aplomb.

As with most news leaking at this time of year we won't have to wait long to find out more so apply the usual 'until CES' label and for now we'll hold judgement as to whether this is either a) a good idea or b) the 2-for-1 break criminals have been waiting for all these years...


via Akihabara

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