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LG Optimus One Can be Used as Wi-Fi Hotspot

David Gilbert


LG Optimus One Can be Used as Wi-Fi Hotspot

Announced in July, the LG Optimus One was officially launched last night and will be available from next week with 3 on pay-as-you-go and can be used to create a Wi-Fi hotspot. The Optimus One will run the Froyo-flavour of Android (aka Android 2.2) and is seen as a mid-range Android phone for those unwilling to outlay the big bucks for a HTC Desire.

The built-in mobile Wi-Fi will no doubt appeal to consumers who live/work/play in an area without a wireless network but since these days areas such as these are pretty limited and the download speed from the Optimus One may not be the best, it won't be an ideal solution.

The Optimus One, which is the third LG Android phone launched in the UK, is the first to run Froyo and this will see browser speeds increase (up to five times according to 3) and allow the OS to run much quicker. LG has also built in two internal antennas into which will help make the most of the 3G network.

One thing which struck us here at TrustedReviews was that the phone is shipping with a free car mount and charger (until the end of 2010 anyway) so users can make the most of Google Maps while driving.

There are no prices available from 3 yet and a specific release date is also to be announced.

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