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LG Optimus Black Unveiled


LG Optimus Black Unveiled

We were expecting a lot of interesting new developments on the mobile phone front here at CES and first out the gates its LG with its new LG Optimus Black smartphone.

At only 9.2mm thick, it's the “world's slimmest smartphone”, trumping the iPhone 4 by 0.1mm – it looks a damn site more comfortable to hold as well, thanks to its curved back. Along with its svelte look, this phone weighs only 109g despite packing in a sizeable 4in screen. In comparison the iPhone 4 weighs 137g and the Samsung Galaxy S is 119g.

It's real standout technoology, though, is its NOVA display technology that is both brighter and more frugal than both LCD and AMOLED. We're struggling to find out exactly what the deal is with this technology but gather it uses some sort of ambient light reflecting technology to boost its own brightness. The resolution of the screen has also been unforthcoming.

Elsewhere the phone packs in front (2-megapixel) and back facing cameras with the former apparently being a world's first. Again, other details are a bit thin on the ground at the moment but we'll update this story as soon as we know more.

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