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LG Optimus 2X Becomes Official


LG Optimus 2X Becomes Official

We all knew it was coming and now finally LG has unveiled the world's first dual-core smartphone, the LG Optimus 2X. Packing Nvidia's AP20H chip, it's also the first to offer 1080p video recording.

The phone's 4in screen also uses the same NOVA screen technology found on the Optimus Black so it should be very bright but low on power consumption – which it will need to be with that dual-core processor under the hood. At least the company hasn't skimped on the battery, providing it with a 1500mAh unit.

Android 2.2 is the operatin system of choice and LG has added a custom skin to it, which depending on implementation could be a good or bad thing. An HDMI port and both front and rear (8-megapixel with LED flash) cameras are also present, though there doesn't seem to be a shutter button for easy snapping.

Like the Optimus Black, it looks like a slim and smart phone, with its four touch sensitive buttons along the bottom. So you shouldn't be paying the price in terms of fashion and portability for all that power.

There's no word on pricing yet but you should be able to pick one up in Q1 2011.

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