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LG Makes Affordable BlackBerry Clone

Gordon Kelly


LG Makes Affordable BlackBerry Clone

Almost everyone else has been down this route already, so why not LG...

The LG 'GW300' is the first handset I can remember coming from the South Korean mega-corp to directly go after the BlackBerry form factor - though admittedly it does it via a quick visit to pimp-my-phone-land.

The resultant handset - though a touch garish - is still a funky design and its basic specs should make it extremely affordable. Key amongst these are a 2.4in QVGA display, 3.5mm headphone jack, Bluetooth, FM tuner, music and video playback and microSD slot compatible with cards up to 4GB. At 115.5 x 61 x 12.75mm it is pocket friendly too. On the other hand higher end features such as 3G, WiFi and GPS are nowhere to be seen and accessible native memory is just 10MB.

That said, LG is pushing the GW300 at the Facebook generation with a dedicated handset app and an integrated contacts list which can multitask to track social statuses and messaging in real time.

('Electric') Blue and ('vibrant') red versions of the LG GW300 will go on sale immediately, the former on O2 and the latter on Orange. Tariffs were not revealed, but don't expect to pay anything on even the lowest of monthly contracts.


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