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LG Launches PAYG 5 Megapixel Cameraphone

Gordon Kelly


LG Launches PAYG 5 Megapixel Cameraphone

Apple may have backed away from the ultra-high end sector by remarketing the mildly disappointing iPhone 3G as a far more affordable tweaked device, but LG's latest is showing up the cracks Steve Jobs tried so carefully to keep under wraps.

The 'KC550' is a 5MP cameraphone featuring Schneider-Kreuznach certified lens and 30fps video recording and guess what? It's PAYG.

Yep supplying two much requested features that Apple turned its nose at the KC550 breaks new ground in bang for your buck. It boasts a dedicated camera button, advanced image stabiliser, large 2.4in LCD and even an accelerometer which automatically rotates images vertically or horizontally for optimal viewing. A TV output is even included for displaying content on... well, your tele quite obviously.

"We pioneered the camera phone market last year with the launch of the 5-megapixel camera-phone, the LG Viewty," said LG Mobile UK Sales and Marketing Director John Barton, clearly forgetting the Sony Ericsson Cybershots that came before it. "The LG-KC550 extends our camera-phone portfolio offering an affordable, feature-rich device that makes high-spec camera features available to everyone. This handset proves our commitment to constantly bringing innovative, high-tech phones to the market."

Sadly, despite all this talk of price/performance breakthroughs LG hasn't stuck an RRP on the KC550. Still, I'd expect it to be south of £130 and Steve, it is fess-up time...




June 11, 2008, 4:47 am

i have been using the viewty for a few months now. it has disappointed me on most aspects. it not as responsive as the iphone is. in terms of touch sensitivity, its no where near iphone. my only hope was the camera. the best camera phone is SE k850 and then n95, but viewty falls well short of those phones when it comes to taking pics. only the video is good. graphics, resolution and the cpu of iphone is superior to most other phones, just packing lots of features which are not usable doesn't make a phone great. i learnt it from viewty.

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