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LG Launches First Full LED 3DTV

Gordon Kelly


LG Launches First Full LED 3DTV

It's 3D technology time again folks and I'm going to say nothing (other than having been taken to a press screening of 'How to Train Your Dragon' in Sony's special 4K 3D this week that a) the film was fantastic and highly recommended, and b) I still didn't think I'd be missing anything by seeing it in 2D). Then again, here comes LG also looking to convert us...

The 'LX9500' is the rather unsexy name given to what LG claims is the World's first Full LED 3DTV. As you might expect, specs are excellent with a Full HD display backed up by a mammoth 400Hz refresh rate, ridiculous 10,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio (this number really doesn't mean a thing) and a choice of 47in and 55in form factors.

Taking a more superficial viewpoint, what also really impresses me about the LX9500 is just how slim and minimalistic its styling is. 3D TVs tend to be thicker than their you'll-have-to-put-up-with-2D equivalents and also have started a worrying trend back towards thicker bezels, so the 22.3mm thickness of the LX9500 and its discrete 16mm bezel are a sight for sore eyes.

A 4.7m Won (£2,750) RRP is being placed on the 47in LX9500 when it launches next week in Korea with the price tag on the 55 incher unknown, but it makes up for that with an international launch date of May.

If you do feel your future involves watching TV in circa £100 plastic glasses then this is certainly the most potentially pleasing model I've seen to date.


via Engadget

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