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LG Home Cinema System Set For CES Unveiling


LG Home Cinema System Set For CES Unveiling

Over the past months we've seen a slew of home cinema systems, which is convenient seeing as we recently launched a dedicated section for such setups. One large player we've haven't seen much of in this area is LG, a state of affairs set to change as of CES, when the company will launch its AP3133 and LHT888 home cinema systems. But what would a CES product launch be without a pre-CES revealing of most of the pertinent details?

What we do know is that the AP3133 is a 7.1-channel affair built on the Super Multi Blu BH200, which as you surely know is LG's dual HD format solution, cramming HD DVD and Blu-ray playback into one sleek(-ish) device and has speaker design similar to the HT902TB pictured above (LG isn't forthcoming with actual shots right now). The system uses 24-bit/192KHz DACs and boasts multi-input HDMI switching - so you can pipe your Xbox 360 Elite and PS3 through it as well as the BH200.

Moving across to the LHT888 we find speakers, the design of which is, at least according to LG's flowery literature, inspired by a champagne glass. Who'd have thunk it. The set is a 5.1-channel audio capable, 1080p-upscaling DVD player also supporting DivX (and thus Xvid) playback from DVD and USB stick over HDMI. LG is claiming that the quality of the systems will be "astonishingly affordable", which we'll be able to confirm on the sixth of January at CES when the retail pricing is actually revealed, along with plans for more offerings in the same market later in the year.

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