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LG HR400 Freeview Blu-ray Player Launches


LG HR400 Freeview Blu-ray Player Launches

As rain follows sun in a British summer, an official launch has followed a leak. In this case the product is LG's HR400 Freeview Blu-ray player.

Ostensibly a Blu-ray player conforming to the Profile 2.0 (BD Live) spec the HR400 also offers 160GB of local storage for recording of Freeview content. The player supports Freeview+ , providing - as we surely all expect by now - recording of one channel while watching another, time-shifting and "series-link" recording.

As well as offering access to BD Live content, the HR400's Ethernet port is also used for access to YouTube for those moments when watching low-quality web-based clips is more tempting than watching, say, an episode of Firefly or Band of Brothers on Blu-ray. DivX playback is definitely welcome, however.

The HR400 will go on sale later this month, and though LG hasn't announced an official price, a quick snoop suggests most etailers will be aiming at the £350 region.

LG HR400.

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