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LG HR400 Blu-ray Recorder Spotted


LG HR400 Blu-ray Recorder Spotted

Having wowed us with the BD370, LG looks to be cramming even more features into its next Blu-ray recorder, the HR400. no official announcement as yet, but French site, HDTV-Space seems to have the major details.

The HR400 is a profile 2.0 player capable of recording to both DVDs and Blu-rays; the power button glowing red if a DVD is in the drive and blue for a Blu-ray - a bit gimmicky maybe, but also a bit cool! Unsurprisingly 1080p up-scaling of DVDs is on the feature list.

A built-in 160GB hard drive provides storage space for recording from the recorder's DVB-T tuner. An Ethernet port is present both for accessing BD-Live content and also enabling the HR400 to stream YouTube content from the 'net and media files from any network device.

DivX (including high definition), MP3, WMA and WMV files can all be played, either from a disc or over the Ethernet port. On the continent LG will be asking -599 (~£520) which seems pretty pricey - especially as UK pricing will, annoyingly, likely be higher. Still, you can't say the feature set isn't noteworthy.



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