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LG H1000B Windows Tablet Is Finally Official

David Gilbert


LG H1000B Windows Tablet Is Finally Official

While the whole world seems to be waiting for LG to produce a Gingerbread-powered tablet-to-rule-all-tablets, the Korean manufacturer has quietly brought a Windows-powered device to the table.

We brought you the first images of the H1000B three weeks ago and LG has now finally officially unveiled it and its new name – the E-Note. The 10.1in tablet will ship for around £350, though no date for release here in the UK has been announced yet.

This announcement could be the first of a couple of tablet announcements before the end of the year as people are anxiously awaiting the unveiling of LG’s Android tablet, the Optimus – which has been slated for a Q4 2010 release. For the time being though, people will have to make do with the E-Note.

The E-Note ships with either Windows 7 Starter or Windows 7 Professional and either an Intel Atom Z510 (1.1Ghz) or Z530 (1.6Ghz). The E-Note has 16GB SSD with the option of adding to this via an SD slot. There’s also WiFi, Bluetooth and two USB ports.

The device does look really nice but it will no doubt fall down on functionality as Windows 7 has not been optimized for tablet devices. LG have obviously decided to bring the E-Note to market in time for the festive season but whether or not people will be willing to shell out £350 for this device, when a no doubt far superior Android device is just around the corner, will remain to be seen.

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