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LG H1000B Looks Sleek and Sexy

David Gilbert


LG H1000B Looks Sleek and Sexy

Another day, another tablet computer. The seemingly endless stream of portable devices was added to today when it was revealed that LG is planning on bringing out a Windows 7-based tablet computer - rather fetchingly called the H1000B.

However the sleek and sexy look of the product belies the mundane name which in time will no doubt become something a lot more powerful (and related to a Norse god of some kind).

The revelation came following the device’s appearance on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)’s website in the form of a new testing report

Following the FCC report appearing, a photo (via TwitPic) soon appeared on the web and accompanying text (in Korean) suggested that the tablet will run Windows 7 and have some sort of multi-touch input.

The filings by the FCC also reveal the device will have standard features such as an SD card slot, WiFi and Bluetooth. FCC label pictures also show an online of the H1000B, which is similar to the device pictured on TwitPic. There's obviously no word on price yet but it looks as if it will be towards the top end of the market compared with some other tablets.

The new device could be unveiled at CES 2011 and if it is then we will be on hand to bring you the first official reaction to the device from our team on the ground in Las Vegas at the beginning of January. It’s a tough life but we’re willing to go to these places just for you.

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November 5, 2010, 9:51 pm

It had better have something more than an Atom processor by showtime; otherwise, it will be decidedly underwhelming.

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