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LG Gives UK Launch to 3D TV & Blu-ray Player

Gordon Kelly


LG Gives UK Launch to 3D TV & Blu-ray Player

3D TVs are coming, whether you like it or not (I still couldn't give a monkey's), and LG is the latest company to bring its kit to the UK market.

The products it hopes will warm us to this tech are its flagship 47in and 55in LX9900 LED backlit '3D Ready' TVs and the 'BX580', a Blu-ray player which meets the disc's recently accepted 3D standards.

Like all 3D TVs that will hit the UK, the LX9900 streams alternate 1080p images to each eye and the viewer is required to wear glasses to get the effect. Concerns over the motion blur that often plagues 3D will be dealt with courtesy of LG's proprietary 400Hz 'TruMotion' tech and you'll also find built-in FreeView HD, a whopping 10,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio (yes, these figures are starting to get silly now) plus integrated Bluetooth, USB (DivX, Mp3, Jpeg, but no MKV playback) and 4x HDMI 1.4 ports.

As with most LG TVs these days, the LX9000 line is also unnervingly thin at just 3.16cm deep, while web kicks can be attained courtesy of Netcast - LG's widget service that brings YouTube, Accu Weather and Picasa integration amongst others.

As for the BX580, other than its 3D chops, it also brings HDMI 1.4 connectivity (which could be critical with its ability to share an web connection over multiple devices in a home cinema setup) along with WiFi, external HDD playback, Gracenote music recognition, USB (same format support as the LX9900s) and also the Netcast service.

No pricing or exact release dates were given at this stage, but we shouldn't be waiting long. That said, expect to pay a significant premium - regardless of manufacturer - and remember to take into account the cost of 3D glasses for each viewer which will come in at circa £100 a pair from most companies. So, as with all first generation technology who wants to be first...?



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