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LG Gives UK Debut To Blu-ray Player

Gordon Kelly


LG Gives UK Debut To Blu-ray Player

Despite the rumours we had all heard about LG abandoning its dedicated Blu-ray player in favour of developing an industry-first HD DVD/Blu-ray dual format device, the company gave a UK debut to the single format player last Friday.

Like Fujitsu’s AVIAMO range the What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision/The Best of Stuff Show 2006 was the location and Olympic gold medal sprinter Darren Campbell was on hand to make us all feel hideously out of shape.

As with Samsung’s BD-P1000 the similarly named BD100 is a Full HD/1080p capable player compatible with formats from 480i upwards. HDMI with HDCP encryption (obviously), component, coaxial and composite inputs, 5.1 audio and digital optical out are also all present and correct while playback supports both single and dual layer Blu-ray discs plus DivX, WMA and MP3 formats.

LG declined to give us a price (even when I threatened to embarrass myself by challenging Darren Campbell to a shuttle run contest) but it did say the unit would be comparable with Samsung’s offering. This means a hefty tag in the region of £999 awaits us when the player ships in January.

Since the BD100 was encased in glass and LG wasn’t letting us play with a controller I didn’t get much chance to evaluate the unit. That said, it did appear to start discs faster that the BD-P1000 (it isn’t hard to beat a minute) and should these two be the only models on the market when you decide to splash the cash early next year I’d recommend you go for the BD100 over Samsung’s player.

Still, I’d recommend you go in for root canal over Samsung’s player.



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