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LG Chocolate 3 Release Revealed

Gordon Kelly


LG Chocolate 3 Release Revealed

There may be only one handset in people's thoughts this week and the latest in LG's Chocolate range isn't like to sway this mindset...

The quietly announced 'Chocolate 3' (also known as the 'VX8560') will go on sale this month with the US getting it on the 14 July and everyone else expected to follow suit soon. So is it worth getting excited about?

Not really, no. Much like its predecessors the new addition is pitched squarely at the low to midrange market with 1.76in 176 x 220 pixel external and 2.2in QVGA internal displays, a 2MP camera, FM tuner, microSDHC expansion slot and EDGE connectivity. Yup, there's no WiFi, no 3G, no GPS/A-GPS and no fancy touchscreen tech here though the stereo speakers, Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity and 1GB of internal memory may cheer up potential buyers.

As you might expect, prices aren't high for the third choccy with it expected to be free on most contracts. Could this been the first time our tastes switch from chocolate to fruit? Looks like...


via Phone Arena

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