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LG Bakes New 3G Cookie

Gordon Kelly


LG Bakes New Cookie

At this rate LG isn't going to have anything new left to show us at Mobile World Congress next week (and if that's the case there's no double coverage LG!)...

Anyway, back on topic and one of the surprise hits last year was the LG Cookie. It wasn't hard to see why, the Cookie - or 'KP500' - was the first truly budget handset to sport a large 3in touchscreen display. Yes, the screen was resistive and the functionality standard dumbphone territory, but it looked quite nice, was portable (106.5 x 55.4 x 11.9mm, 89g) and cost under £90 without a contract. Sales topped five million units in just nine months!

So while the elitist tech hack in me has about the same enthusiasm for today's newly announced sequel as wearing boxers made from sandpaper it is undoubtedly important.

Called the 'Cookie Plus' (GS500), the new model pays homage to the original by making only gentle (but welcome) tweaks to exterior and promising to be just as affordable as its predecessor (so, same price?). On a less positive note, LG has also paid homage to the original Cookie press release which was about as forthcoming with answers as an average Lost episode.

Consequently all we learn is the Cookie Plus makes the leap to 3G, has a 3MP camera, offers "the same full touchscreen experience as the LG Cookie" (so a resistive screen, then) and has Facebook, Twitter and Flickr apps. Size? Weight? Memory? Availability? Battery life? OS? Not a sausage, but it will be just the first of many since LG has confirmed it will "offer a full batch of new Cookie handsets in 2010".

A word of warning for you LG: just because you've created a popular budget brand, watch out you don't Eee PC-it and saturate the market because that's... wait for it... ...how the Cookie crumbles.

I've been dying to say that.


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