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LG B Is Real And Very Good Looking

David Gilbert


LG B Is Real And Very Good Looking

LG is obviously taking 2011 very seriously. Not content with announcing the first ever dual core smartphone this week, the Optimus 2X, the South Korean firm has also confirmed the existence of the super slim and super bright LG B, which it will be showing off at CES in Vegas this January.

Details and pictures of the Android-running smartphone from LG, codenamed B, emerged on Phandroid which purported to show the B up against the iPhone 4 and the Samsung Galaxy S. The pictures show the B seeming to have a much brighter screen than either of its competitors despite the iPhone and Galaxy S having the best screens currently available on any smartphone.

In another picture we see the B compared to the iPhone 4 in terms of width and again the B seems to win the battle against what Apple claims is the thinnest smartphone on the market at the moment. With all the excitement caused by the pictures, LG decided to come out of the long grass and tweeted to confirm the phone's existence and told us that we would be getting a look at the B at CES in Vegas this January. LG said: “seein is believin! The super slim & super bright “LG B” Android Phone. Come to #CES #CES11 and see with your own eyes!”

A spec sheet also sent to Phandroid about the phone seems to show it compared to two other phone which could be the iPhone 4 and the Galaxy S (see below). If these specs are true we can see that in the brightness column the B has a 40 percent advantage over the iPhone and over double the brightness of the Galaxy S.

As always these specs are questionable but LG's confirmation of the existence of the phone and that they will have it ready for CES next month would seem to give some credence to these rumours. With LG stepping up its game significantly in terms of Android devices, will we see other manufacturers do the same in the coming weeks?

Source: Phandroid


December 18, 2010, 1:38 am

Right, I'm definitely not an ifanboi (really don't like them), but the iphone's screen is more readble in their picture. Whether the screen is brighter or not seems to be inconsequential, but ease of use is everything and the other two just don't seem to have the same clarity.

Also, who cares if the phone is 1mm slimmer or 1mm thicker, what we all want to know is what does it perform like - we'll have to wait & see on that one. But I di like the idea of dual core in a smartphone, so roll on LG.


December 18, 2010, 2:36 am

Looks interesting and nice to look at but it looks from the pics the resolution of the device is the same as the galaxy s and a normal smartphone battery supplied will suffer somewhat in the battery life area.


December 20, 2010, 12:25 am

Just to throw my 2p in....

What's it made of? One goof thing about the iphone 4 is the no compromise build quality. Yes, you pay for it, but too many so called high end phones are plasticy and this is not acceptable on a device costing 4 or 5 hundred quid.

Secondly, one thing that puts me off android is the never ending stream of better handsets. Yes, progress is great, but at least Apple only update annually so you can enjoy the 'latest version' feeling for a little bit longer - quite important when you've shelled out hundred of pounds or signed up to a mega long contract!

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