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LG And Samsung Confirm MWC Announcements

David Gilbert


LG And Samsung Confirm MWC Announcements

We are just about recovered from Las Vegas and CES at the beginning of the year, but we can’t rest for long as LG and Samsung have both confirmed they will be making major announcements at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona in a couple of weeks time.

It’s not as if LG didn’t announce anything at CES, they gave the world the first superphone in the dual-core Optimus 2X as well as the Optimus Black and a load of other devices. Now it has confirmed that at MWC, it will reveal the world first glasses-free 3D mobile phone – the Optimus 3D. LG previewed a 4.3in glasses free display at CES and it is this we expect to see in the Optimus 3D. LG today made an official announcement following a spate of rumours including the people over at Phandroid getting their hands on what they say is the Optimus 3D. LG confirmed the debut at MWC on February 14 at 11am saying the device will sport a dual-lens 3D camera (for 3D recording), a glasses-free LCD display, and HDMI/DLNA for sharing on whatever 3D sets you have.

Now we know that for a lot of people 3D on a mobile phone will not be something that will make them purchase a new device, however from a technical point-of-view it is fascinating. We saw a couple of weeks ago the impressive glasses-free display on the Nintendo 3DS and LG obviously believe bringing the technology to mobile phones will be a winner for them. We don’t know if we will get hands-on time with the Optimus 3D in Barcelona but we will reserve judgment until we see how it works for ourselves.

Over in the Samsung camp, they are being a little more secretive. Having unveiled a teaser picture a couple of weeks ago with the tagline “Evolution is Fate” next to a picture of its best-selling Galaxy S, today they gave us a teaser video for the same device. Specs for the Galaxy S2 are thin on the ground and completely unconfirmed but we can expect to see a dual-core processor, possibly LTE compatibility and NFC built-in. Samsung produced the Nexus S for Google recently and this could be an indicator of where the Galaxy S2 will be going. It should therefore be running Android 2.3 or Gingerbread following Samsung’s close collaboration with Google on the Nexus S.

The video tells us there are ten million secrets in the world and Samsung are hoping to keep the Galaxy S2 among those until it unveils the device on February 13 in Barcelona. However, some Photoshop-er over at Samsung didn’t get the memo as 13 seconds into the video, you can see a reflection of the phone in the glass wall though we can’t glean much extra info from this snapshot. We'll just ahve to wait for MWC in a couple of weeks time.

Source: Engadget and Phandroid

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