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LG 15in OLED Photos Teased


LG 15in OLED Photos Teased

Sure, LG's 15in OLED is likely to be ludicrously expensive when it goes on sale in December, but as some new pictures pushed onto LG's Flickr photostream hint at why. Just look at it!

The design is fairly similar to the Sony XEL-1, with the screen and tuner parts of the TV separated into discreet sections, though still attached to each other. However, the behind-the-screen mounting position means that LG's OLED TV can be wall-mounted, something not possible with the XEL-1.

The design also means that the LG OLED will take better advantage of the thinness of its display technology, with an impressively small footprint. And, if pictures can be believed, the screen is going to be impressively bright and vivid. Based on our experience of OLED TVs to date, that's only to be expected.

LG still hasn't confirmed when, or even if, this TV will be sold in the UK, but with larger screens not arriving from LG until 2012 we certainly hope this one will!

LG Flickr.

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