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Kodak Zi6 Does 720p, YouTube Uploads


Kodak Zi6 Does 720p, YouTube Uploads

Kodak's Zi6 may well be the camcorder for the YouTube generation we've been waiting for. While offerings like the Flip Video Ultra and Creative Vado already offer features like direct-uploading, they didn't fair so well on image quality. Kodak, however, looks to have the solution.

Why you may ask? Well, for a start it has the ability to shoot 720p video, which none of its contemporaries can manage - and at 60fps no less! There is also, as hinted, a VGA mode for shooting YouTube-friendly video directly and the lens has a macro mode for close-in recording. The Zi6 packs a 2.4in screen for checking out your footage on-the-fly, which is obviously pretty useful and it can do slow-motion playback should you so desire, which is pretty funky.

The Zi6 is powered by plain-old AA batteries, with a pair of rechargeables bundled with the camcorder. Memory is provided via the SDHC slot, accepting up to 32GB of high-capacity card, which should be more than enough for anyone!

Best of all, though, the Zi6 offers all these improvements over its rivals while still keeping the price almost identical. A UK MSRP isn't available yet, but in the US the camcorder will be $180 (~£90). Realistically, that will probably translate to an on-the-street price of about £100-110 for us Brits, which isn't too bad at all!

in the know

July 26, 2008, 7:04 pm

No internal memory means &#16332 to get a 2gb memory card. So really it will be nearer &#163140.

Is the software on the camcorder like the Flip? If not it means carrying a disc around with the software on it or using the host computer's software. Not great if you are out and about?

The Pope

July 26, 2008, 8:58 pm

Where do you buy your memory cards dude? Play.com sells 4GB SDHC for &#16310.99 with free delivery. If you want to spend in the region of &#16332 you can get a whopping 16GB - far more than you'll ever need, even shopping at 720p :)

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