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Kodac Announces Theatre HD Player


Kodak Announces Theatre HD Player

Kodak isn't a company you'd usually associate with come theatre equipment, but isn't going to stop it trying to get in on action. Competing most closely with players such as the D-Link DSM-330, the Kodak HD Theatre Player is, basically, Kodak's take on wireless HD media streaming.

The HD Theatre Player is capable of streaming up to 720p video and still images over a home WiFi network, as well as accessing online content such as Kodak's own online media gallery and Flickr images.

Kodak has also teamed up with YouTube to allow streaming of the latter's videos to the former's player - as first seen on Apple TV. Apparently, in addition to accessing online content, the player also allows users to edit media and even upload it to various media sharing sites.

As well as streamed content, the player will also retrieve files from a USB stick or SD memory card. In theory, then, you could upload holiday photos and videos to sites like YouTube and Flickr without the need for a PC. Obviously we'd want to see that process in action before recommending anyone try to do so.

Pricing and release information isn't mentioned, but hopefully Kodak will compete with the £129.99 of the D-Link DSM-330, rather than Apple TVs (crazy) £199 price tag - or £279.99 if you want a 160GB, rather than a 40GB hard drive.

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