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Klipsch 'Reference' Series Sees UK Launch


Klipsch 'Reference' Series Sees UK Launch

Many of you will probably be unaware than Klipsch makes more than just earphones, like the fantastic Image and Custom-3 sets we've looked at. However, that could well change with the launch of Klipsch's 'Reference' series into the UK market.

The Reference series comprises 20 different speakers, for both HiFi and home cinema setups. All of Klipsch's speakers are timbrally matched allowing mixing and matching of any speakers without compromising on audio composition - at least so the marketing spiel claims. Experience dictates such allegations should hold true.

On the home cinema front there's a a choice of four subwoofers, three surround speakers and three centre speakers. All of which can be mixed with Klipsch's range of bookshelf and floor-standing speakers a budget dictates.

Pricing is, obviously, dependant on what speakers are put in what configuration, but a decent 5.1-surround system, such as the RB-10 set-up pictured, can be specced up for under £900, and that's at MSRPs, which (r)etailers should undercut.

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