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Klipsch ProMedia In-Ears Aimed At Gamers

David Gilbert


Klipsch ProMedia In-Ears Aimed At Gamers

Klipsch earphones and speakers have proved themselves time and again to be superior – if expensive – audio devices. Now Klipsch has announced it is taking its speaker technology and applying it to in-ear headphones for gaming.

The ProMedia In-Ears from Klipsch will be its first headset aimed specifically for the gaming community and has a range of features to entice gamers to purchase these earphones. As well as the usual noise cancelling technology we would expect from Klipsch, the ProMedia In-Ears have a single-button microphone on the cable which allows for easy in-game enemy-baiting or even for answering Skype calls while on the net. Each earpiece contains a custom transducer, using an 8.5mm driver and moving coil technology with a dual-magnet motor structure.

The ProMedia In-Ears come in a black finish with red accents and have a new thicker cable which Klipsch claims will mean less tangling. The patented Klipsch oval ear tips are also present for improved fit and comfort. The earphones come with three pairs of different-sized ear tips, carrying case, clothing clip and a VOIP/Gaming adaptor, which is compatible with a PC or Mac.

As always with Klipsch, pricing is one of the first questions asked and these ProMedia In-Ears come with a SRP of £89.99, which, while expensive, compares very well with the X10is at £229.95. At the other end of the spectrum, the company introduced a budget set of headphones, the S3s, last November costing only £39.99. Gamers will no doubt be interested in the ProMedia In-Ears but whether they are willing to pay the premium is another question.

Source: Klipsch


January 28, 2011, 5:56 pm

So many choices. My last acquisition were Sennheiser CX6, the closed version of the IE6, and while they sound all right, I'm not overly happy (worth a try though). Anyway, I call for a roundup review!

Hans Gruber

January 29, 2011, 1:04 am

I second morsch's call for a roundup review. The proof is in the pudding as they say. Or is that in the eating? We wanna know how they work and if they're directional (surround sound esque) so fundamentally if they'd improve our gaming performance from getting pwnd to some serious pwng! And all due to us hearing our online enemies better. (Nothing due to lack of skill and needing a crutch of course.)

Been using Grado SR80s but I've knackered out the cable V joining section bit from them twisting so weirdly all the time. They sound great but build quality is practically zero for longevity. Having in ear earphones might not be the best way forward in the sense that Windows allows you to set volume levels for certain PC events, programs and gaming at different levels. I can just imagine how painful it would be if the volume was too loud. Not such a problem if you can quickly take the headphones off. Not so with earphones - yank them out and you're likely to wish you hadn't.

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