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Kingston Unveils New Budget SSD Line


Kingston Unveils New Budget SSD Line

SSDs have undoubtedly been dropping in price in recent months but for the most part they're still some way off being what most people would consider budget. Enter then, the new V Series 40GB drive from Kingston, which is set to be available for just £70.

Kingston are marketing this new drive as a performance upgrade for desktop PCs where it will be used as the main boot drive containing your operating system and most commonly used programs while the rest of your files will be stored on a second 'data' drive. As such you may find it marketed as an Accelerator or Boot drive. This is actually how we've always viewed SSDs, at least for the desktop space, rather than a complete replacement for existing hard drives. For this reason, Kingston will only be offering this drive as a standalone or a desktop kit that includes 3.5inch drive mounts, drive cloning software, and cables. The notebook upgrade bundle available on other Kingston SSDs won't come to this drive.

The key to this 'only for performance upgrade' logic, and the reason why the drive is set to be so cheap, is that the drive has very fast read speeds (170MBps), thanks to its use of an Intel controller, but it only has sequential write speed of 40MBps, which is low by anyone's standards. However, as we continue to maintain, write speed is only of so much importance when using an SSD day to day where it's actually random read speed that really shines through. Not to mention, with an intel controller at the helm, this shouldn't suffer the stuttering performance issues of some early SSDs.

The only major fly in the ointment at the moment is a lack of support for the TRIM command that, as we explained in our review of the Patriot Torqx prevents performance degradation over time. We were assured that a new firmware release would enable this feature in the coming months.

So ground breaking this drive may not be, but it could certainly be the drive that finally convinces many people to switch to the world of SSDs. We'll soon let you know for sure whether to invest in one of these, though, as we have a drive ready and waiting for review.



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