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Kingston Unveils First 256GB USB Drive

Gordon Kelly


Kingston Unveils First 256GB USB Drive

Last month Kingston launched the world's first 128GB USB drive. Consequently, this wasn't expected...

Taking a leaf out of the nah nah na nah nah book of marketing, the memory expert has announced the first 256GB USB drive just 34 days later.

This gargantuan device will be - rather confusingly - branded the 'DataTraveler 300' (yes - one 'l' and I'd suggest 'DataTraveller 256', Kingston) but it is larger than the hard drives found in many laptops today. Data transfer rates are 20MBps write and 10MBps read which aren't the fastest we've seen (bring on USB 3.0 with such sizes) but it does feature a rugged, capless design and 'Password Traveler' security software to protect sensitive content.

"The DataTraveler 300 will enable users to carry huge volumes of data with them everywhere they go - up to 365 CDs for example," said Kingston Consumer marketing manager Kirsty Miller. "That's one album for every day of the year, and it demonstrates how far flash technology has developed."

As you might expect, prices for such a drive are beyond premium and the DataTraveler 300 will retail for a whopping £565.67 without VAT. That said you do get a five year warranty as standard and if you like to carry everything including the kitchen sink around with you then there's simply no bigger USB drive on the market as yet...


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