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Kinect for the PC?

David Gilbert


It was Microsoft’s big entry into the world of family gaming and motion-activated controllers but within hours of their celebrity-adorned launch of the Kinect for Xbox 360 at the National History Museum in London, hackers had uploaded a driver which will allow gamers to use the device with any PC.

A video just posted on YouTube by Hector Martin, one of the programmers involved, outlines how, within three hours of the shops opening on Wednesday morning, he had managed to have a complete hack of the device working on the Linux operating system.

The open source driver is now available to download from the net and will allow people to connect their Kinects to their PCs. Why would you want to do this? At the moment there is no real point as there are no games or apps designed for use with the Kinect for PCs. A group of programmers have also claimed they are creating an SDK platform for Kinect on Windows, which will allow other people to create apps and games for Kinect on PC.

Before this happens however the group, known as the NUI Group, need to raise $10,000 in donations. Maybe they should send Bill Gates a quick email, I hear he’s big into philanthropy these days. In the meantime expect to see some homemade games and apps appear on the net in the coming weeks from people with nothing better to do with their time.

If you really want to download the open source driver to look at yourself via the Kinect on your PC then you can do so from Martin’s website.

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