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Kindle Browser Revamped

David Gilbert


Kindle Browser Revamped

The reviews of the latest Amazon Kindle have been pretty complimentary across the board and it even bagged the runner-up spot in our Product of the Year 2010 Awards. However one gripe some had with the ebook reader was its poor inbuilt browser. Considering the £149 mobel came with free lifetime 3G anywhere in the world, this was a significant drawback.

Fear not though, as Kinstant is here to save your frustrated fingers. Kinstant is a customizable homepage, which has been updated to allow for optimized mobile browsing. Save Kinstant as your home-page and you will have automatic access to Kindle-friendly versions of many sites including Gmail, CNN, BBC and other news sites. There are also other Category pages, which will give you further list of sites, plus headlines and summaries for that subject.

While Kinstant is not going to give you the full functionality of a regular browser, it will bring a whole new dimension to the Kindle, especially the 3G version. It will be handy for those who do a lot of travelling and want to check the latest news or read their emails on the go. The new version of Kinstant also allows you to add in your own links, either direct from the Kindle or from a proper web-browser somewhere else. Just add the regular website address and when you click the link, you will be taken to a vastly simplified version formatted for the e-reader.

And that’s not all. Kinstant has added a calculator and Google Maps. This will allow you to add your location and destination and you get directions on an embedded map with the route marked. Kinstant is free to download and available here.

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