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Kilpsch S5i Rugged Earphones Announced

David Gilbert


Kilpsch S5i Rugged Earphones Announced

Have you ever found yourself snowboarding down a mountain, listening to your favourite Rammstein tune only to find yourself suddenly trapped in an avalanche with no means of escape? Well fear not, brave adventurer, Klipsch has unveiled a new set of headphones which come with a strobe light you can use to alert the passing rescue helicopter.

Not content with giving us superior audio goodness, Klipsch has now added life-saving abilities to its range of earphones. Having gone for the lower-end of the market with the S3s and the gamer market with the ProMedia In-Ears they are now targeting outdoor enthusiasts. The Image S5is Rugged earphones are a sturdy set of earphones which feature a funky inline mic and three button controller where you don’t even had to take off your gloves to answer a call or turn up the tunes.

Available now, the Image S5is promise Klipsch’s premium audio quality and this is reflected in the price, with the headphones setting you back £119.99. Available in a black finish with rubber accents, the Image S5i Rugged comes with three pairs of different-sized patented oval ear tips, clothing clip and a heavy-duty safety case with a built-in LED flashlight and removable belt clip.

“Perfect for joggers skiers and other athletic types, the Klipsch Image S5i Rugged headphones, with in-line mic and three-button remote, are extremely durable, yet still deliver the same high-quality comfort and sound that has made Klipsch the brand name for musical earphones in the UK,” a statement read. Check out the promotional video below to see the headphones in action.

Source: Klipsch

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