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Jolicloud Update Brings Life To Old PCs

David Gilbert


Jolicloud Update Brings Life To Old PCs

With the home PC market currently about 35 years old, it is safe to say that most people are on their second, third or tenth PC or laptop. This means there are a large amount of older machines lying idle in garages around the world – and cloud-based OS Jolicloud is looking to bring them back to life.

Jolicloud has announced the release of the 1.1.1 update which claims to support computers that are ten years old and more. A blog posting from the creators of the OS says that many people are “dusting off old computers from their garages, turning them into cool Jolicloud computers, and using them as Internet browsing machines, family Skype boxes or donating them to schools.”

In an attempt to make the OS even more compatible with older systems, the OS 1.1.1 update looks to solve installation issues on legacy computers using older Nvidia graphic cards. It says that should you have an old Dell computer lying around which wouldn’t work with OS 1.1 this update should solve those issues. The update adds support for Nvidia graphics cards 10+ years old including RIVA TNT/TNT2, Vanta, Aladdin and early Quadro and GeForce cards. It also has added enhanced support for Nvidia graphics cards 5+ years old including early GeForce2/3/4, and Quadro2/4 generations as well the 3+ years old GeForce FX and Quadro FX.

You can now download the update from the website now but you will need at least 384MB of RAM but preferably 512MB for the OS to run correctly.

Source: Jolicloud

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