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Jolicloud Hits Beta, Challenges Chrome OS

Gordon Kelly


Jolicloud Hits Beta, Challenges Chrome OS

Chrome OS may have been getting all the headlines right now, but there is another intriguing browser based platform also under development and one which also looks considerably more evolved...

After a substantial development period 'Jolicloud' has finally launched its first public beta. Like Chrome OS, Jolicloud is also primarily browser based and weighs in at just 600MB with a netbook boot time of circa 15 seconds.

Unlikely Chrome OS, Jolicloud does also support an apps launcher however and desktop homescreen meaning it has slightly more of a hybrid approach to it than Google's radical vision. In fact, Intel's Mobilin project would be an equally good comparison while Adobe Air is also natively supported with the likes of Firefox, Skype, a Twitter Client and the VLC media player all preinstalled by default.

Those beginning to feel mildly curious should relish the news Jolicloud can be run directly from a memory stick meaning you don't need to format or partition your hard drive to take a look.

The final version of Jolicloud will surface in early 2010, likely beating Chrome OS to the market by a good six months. Yes you may be a cynic about Cloud computing, but it is impossible to deny the momentum is building...


via MAshable


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