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Join the TrustedReviews Fantasy Football League

Andy Vandervell


Join the TrustedReviews Fantasy Football League

We all suffered at the hands of England's woeful World Cup campaign, but now is your chance to show the world that you're the manager England needs in the TrustedReviews Fantasy Football League.

We hope to have monthly prizes and an overall prize in future, but for the moment the league is just a bit of fun and the chance to take bragging rights in the comments. We'll be posting monthly updates here on the site, on our Facebook Page and on Twitter, just so everyone knows exactly how brilliant you are.

We'll be using the Official Premier League Fantasy Football League, which is free to enter. Simply sign-up, pick your team and then follow these instructions to gain entry to the private league.

You need to email andy@trustedreviews.com with the following details:

  • Your TrustedReviews Username (the one that appears when you comment)

  • The email address you used to register with TrustedReviews (if you use a different primary contact address, please provide this as well).

  • Your Fantasy Football League Name (more than likely your own name, but let us know either way)

  • Your Fantasy Football League Team Name

Once you give us these details, we will email you the code to enter the private league and instructions on how to use it.

See you on the touchline.

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