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Jobs Is FT Person Of The Year

David Gilbert


Jobs Is FT Person Of The Year

A few weeks ago we reported that Mark Zuckerberg was named as Time’s Person of the Year. Today it has been announced that Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs has been named by the Financial Times as its Person of the Year. This leads us to one logical conclusion – we need to have a cage fight to find out who really is worthy of the moniker for 2010.

It seems as if 2010 has been dominated by technology if these annual awards are anything to go by and it was Jobs announcement last January of the launch of the iPad that sealed the deal for Jobs in the eyes of the FT. In its editorial explaining the award it opens by stating: “When Steve Jobs walked on to the stage at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center in January, it capped the most remarkable comeback in modern business history.”

They go on to reference Jobs high profile illness in 2009 and even go back a decade further to his and Apple’s nadir when they were both written off as irrelevant in the world of consumer technology. It seems fitting that Jobs is named Person of the Year in the same 12 months as the first ever Apple computer, which he helped to construct, was put up for auction. The success of the iPad is the standout reason for Jobs ascension to become Person of the Year in 2010.

“Steve’s the last of the great builders,” Roger McNamee, a Silicon Valley financier told the FT. “What makes him different is that he’s creating jobs and economic activity out of thin air while just about every other CEO in America is working out ways to cut costs and lay people off.”

So we just now await the Zuckerberg vs Jobs bout with the Facebook founder having youth on his side, while Jobs is about four inches taller so will have a reach advantage. It is a tough call to make but if we were putting money on the scrap, we’d have to go for the wiley Jobs to win it on points.

Source: Financial Times

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