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Jobs And Murdoch To Produce iPaper

David Gilbert


Jobs And Murdoch To Produce iPaper

It appears that Steve Jobs and Rupert Murdoch have brought together their collective computing and media might in an effort to bring the 'news' to the lucky people who own an iPad – while the rest of us iPad-lacking fools will have to remain in the dark it appears.

The Daily, as the virtual newspaper will be called, will only be available to owners of Apple’s tablet device and no one else. In what is a world first, the media magnate and the computer giant will produce a daily newspaper which can only be read on Apple’s iPad.

The content of The Daily will have “a tabloid sensibility with a broadsheet intelligence," according to reports in actual newspapers in the US over the weekend. Then again it would have to have a tabloid sensibility considering the size of the current crop of tablet devices. In a vault, somewhere deep beneath the bustling city of New York, for the past few months armies of journalists and sub editors have been working furiously on the Daily and hope to bring it to the iPad before the end of this month.

Will this mean people straining their necks on trains over the shoulders of iPad owners just to get a glimpse of the exclusive news available in The Daily? What will the rest of us be missing out on if we don’t have an iPad? Will major news events completely pass us by because we haven’t read them in The Daily? How will we find out who has been kicked off X-Factor?

Costing 99cents a week or $50 a year, the US-centric paper apparently has a team of 100 journalists to provide exclusive content. Rumours are circulating the journalism world in New York that the managing director of the New York Post, Jesse Angelo, will be The Daily’s first editor. There are currently about 7.5million iPad owners in the world and with that figure suggested to go to 100million in the next two to three years there is definitely a market out there for Jobs and Murdoch to capture.

It seems as if Apple and News Corp believe this is the future of newspapers and that paid-for content is a viable business model. All of us here are keeping our fingers crossed that this venture works out for Rupert and Steve because, God knows, they could do with the money.

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