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Jentro Brings Cheap Sat Nav Software to Android & BlackBerry

Gordon Kelly


Jentro Brings Cheap Sat Nav Software to Android & BlackBerry

With the arrival of the TomTom iPhone app it seems smartphone sat nav software is suddenly hitting the headlines again. Problem is it tends to be very expensive, or does it...?

Breaking from the pack this week is Jentro, the traditionally white label developer of 'foxNav' a GPS programme which it is pulling out from the shadows to bring to both Android and BlackBerry. Annual subscription fee? Just £19.99. Eat that £59.99 UK and £79.99 Western Europe TomTom app.

Happily foxNav also looks like a comprehensive solution despite its budget price tag. Like more expensive offerings it has voice-enabled turn-by-turn navigation, automatic traffic avoidance and speed safety cam alerts (still missing from the TomTom iPhone app), pedestrian navigation, POIs, support for seven digit UK postcodes and a download size of just 2.5MB.

Full pricing works out at £19.99 (Android) and £23.45 (BlackBerry) for the UK edition and £39.99 (Android) and £39.09 (BlackBerry) for the Unlimited Western Europe edition. BlackBerry users can also navigate outside the UK for 0.49p per route.

A Windows Mobile version of foxNav is also in the works and yep, on paper at least, it makes for a compelling option...




August 27, 2009, 3:21 pm

A 2.5MB download package and a charge-per-route structure tell me that this software will download the necessary mapping data as needed. I suppose the advantage would be that the data is always up to date, but I can think of a few disadvantages too. Responsiveness might suffer and roaming data charges while abroad could seriously stack up. It could work, but maybe not...


August 28, 2009, 12:11 am


I'll stick with CoPilot live on my HTC Magic - £25 for UK maps. No subscription and no data connection required - just 1gb of space on your memory card..

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