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JVC Reveals LH905 HDTV Range


JVC Reveals LH905 HDTV Range

The launch of JVC's latest TV range, the LH905-series, is a curious one, mainly due to the nature of the biggest feature the sets boast. The feature in question is the Genessa Premium video engine, a 36-bit video engine, though one would hope consumers would be inputting high quality sources that wouldn't require such processing.

Still, the rest of the TV does seem to live up to our ever-high expectations, on paper at least, with a Full HD 1,920 x 1,080 resolution LCD panel in all three of the 37in, 42in and 47in models backed up by Deep Colour support (and the required DMI 1.3 ports) and an Ethernet port with DLNA support enabling the TVs to play media from a compatible network device - always a bonus.

Oddly the sets contrast ratio(s) aren't mentioned, although it is stated that they rely on dynamic backlighting. Given the handful of salt that figure usually has to be taken with I'm not sure it's necessarily a bad thing for it to be unmentioned. Details that are mentioned, such as that the trio of HDMI ports and CEC support also go some way to distract from those omitted. Better yet, the LH905-series TV are scheduled for release in February, rather than the usual "some time this decade" usually attached to electronics products; alas pricing isn't so forthcoming so you'll have to decide for yourself whether you'll be splashing your hard earned cash come next month's launch.


Press release (Google translated).

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