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Ixonos Demos Windowed Interface On Android


Ixonos Demos Windowed Interface On Android

One of the things that many people have been surprised not to see yet on all these new tablet devices is the ability to do 'proper' multi-tasking via some sort of Windows style interface. After all, it's all well and good having a superfast, multi-core processor but if you can only see/do one thing at once, it's of limited use.

That could be about to change, though, as a Finnish company, Ixonos, has shown off a new app that allows for a fully desktop-style interface on a standard Android 2.x tablet. You can drag windows around, resize them, fullscreen them and even tap a cross to close the app - no need for custom task managers here.

In case you were thinking that Android 3.0 offers these features, while it does have an enhanced widget interface, full apps can only be shown fullscreen.

Sadly this was only a tech demo so it wasn't fully optimised but nonetheless, it seemed quite easy to use and reasonably speed. There was no word on when or even if we might actually see such a thing make it to market but we would certainly be interested in seeing it do so.

Would the addition of this sort of interface enhance the tablet experience for you or do you think it'll just complicate things? Let us know in the comments.

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