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Is Dell Giving Up on Linux?


Is Dell Giving Up on Linux?

Dell is no longer offering consumer PCs pre-installed with Ubuntu Linux on its web store, according to reports from PC Pro.

Just a couple of years ago Dell garnered praise for being one of the only mainstream PC resellers to offer Ubuntu Linux as a pre-install option on consumer laptops, but this appears to be no longer the case.

A search for Linux on the Dell web site brings up only a small handful of machines, such as the Latitude 2100, Latitude 13 and Dell Vostro 1220, all of which are aimed firmly at the business market.

Dell said that Ubuntu is still available on consumer machines such as its Inspiron Mini 10, but only for phone orders.

The company admitted that the move was down to the lack of uptake for Ubuntu.

"The reason why they’re not on our main pages is because Ubuntu systems are primarily targeted towards advanced users and enthusiasts, and the vast majority of consumers purchase PCs with Microsoft Windows pre-installed," a Dell spokesperson told PC Pro.

They went on to say that the absence of Ubuntu PCs would not necessarily be a permanent decision but could not give any time-frame for their return.

This is the latest blow for Linux to attract any kind of mainstream presence in computing, though this could potentially change if and when Chrome OS based netbooks appear.

Via: PC Pro

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