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Internet Explorer Market Share Dips Below 60%

Gordon Kelly


Internet Explorer Market Share Dips Below 60%

Always worth a my-browser-is-better-than-your-browser argument is market share and in the bragging stakes Internet Explorer's reputation continues to plummet.

Statistics guru Net Applications has revealed Microsoft's browser saw market share drop below 60 per cent for the first time since it beat out Netscape many years ago. All versions of IE tallied 59.95 per cent of the market in April, down from 60.65 per cent in March and down a massive 8.4 per cent from 68.32 per cent in June last year.

So who are the winners? Well, to be more accurate, the question really needs to be phrased 'winner' since only Google Chrome continues to grow at a helter skelter rate. It jumped from 6.13 per cent in March to 6.73 per cent in April, up 0.6 per cent - virtually as much as all versions of IE dropped. It also continues a remarkable run with the browser not far off tripling its market share of 2.4 per cent back in June.

As for the others, things are rather flat. Firefox and Safari moved from 24.52 per cent and 4.62 per cent in March to 24.59 per cent and 4.72 per cent in April respectively and these represent pretty meagre growth long term with the two browsers already at 22.43 per cent and 3.79 per cent back in June. Meanwhile Opera actually lost share dropping from 2.37 per cent in March to 2.3 per cent in April - hardly in line with its claim the Windows Browser Ballot screen had seen downloads double.

If Microsoft is to arrest this rapid slide from grace it looks like Internet Explorer 9 is going to have to be something very special indeed...


Via Net Applications

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