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Internet Explorer 6 Nears Extinction

Gordon Kelly


Internet Explorer 6 Nears Extinction

Here's a happy story we can all get behind: Internet Explorer 6 is nearly DEAD.

New statistics from StatCounter show IE6 hit a wonderful new low this month: under five per cent market share in the US, though legacy systems globally keep it at 9.7 per cent overall. To put this in some perspective IE6 market share was almost 22 per cent in May 2009 equating to roughly a percentage point per month.

Thinking 10 months ahead therefore makes us feel warm and fuzzy for obvious reasons and Google agrees.

Joining IE6 on its way to the technological scrapheap is IE7 which has also more than halved its market share from 34 per cent in May 2009 to just 16.2 per cent as of last month. Presumably upgraders from these browsers were behind the boost given to IE8 which is up 0.8 per cent this month to 28.6 per cent.

As for the rest, the story is equally interesting with Firefox 3.6 levelling out for the first time since it replaced Firefox 3.5 in January with a total of 20.68 per cent and Chrome 4.0 static for the first time we can remember at 7.2 per cent. The latter is likely due to Chrome 5.0 being released towards the end of May making it too late to show up in the browser rankings, but Google's automatic upgrade process was no doubt early enough to pull the carpet from under v4.0's figures.

As for Safari it remains virtually flat at 3.85 per cent (a low figure given 10 per cent of all computers are Macs) while Opera 10 sadly still struggles to reach 0.4 per cent.

Here's a prediction: Chrome, Firefox and IE9 will be virtually neck and neck in 12 months time... can't wait for that scrap!

Link: StatCounter

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