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Intel to Invest Billions in 22nm Fab


Intel to Invest Billions in 22nm Fab

Intel has announced that it will be investing between $6billion and $8billion in a new fabrication plant in the US to support the creation of next generation 22nm technology.

A new plant will be in located in Oregon, while four other plants will be upgraded. The move will enable the creation of between 800 -1,000 permanent jobs in tech, and the local area won’t mind the 6,000 – 8,000 construction jobs created too.

“Today’s announcement reflects the next tranche of the continued advancement of Moore’s Law and a further commitment to invest in the future of Intel and America,” said Intel president and chief executive Paul Otellini, in a statement.

It is certainly a good news story for the local area and indeed for technology in general. While the PC industry’s death knell is frequently sounded, Intel said that the industry was now shipping one million PCs per day worldwide.

Intel said that three quarters of its revenues come from outside the US, but three quarters of its production facilities are still in the US. Outside of the US, Intel has one fab located in Ireland, and two in Israel.

The Oregon facility will be called D1X and will start up in 2013. Intel won’t have to wait though for the first 22nm parts to arrive, with ‘Ivy Bridge’, a die shrink of Sandy Bridge’, expected to arrive in late 2011.

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