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Intel Unveils Next Generation Processors For Thinner, Lighter Laptops

Gordon Kelly


Intel Unveils Next Generation CPUs For Thinner, Lighter Laptops

Think the Dell Adamo XPS was thin? You ain't seen nothin' yet...

Today Intel has announced the release of its next generation 32nm Core processors two years after it shifted to 45nm and the result is new i3, i5 and i7 CPUs which Intel claims will deliver "32 percent slimmer laptops and more than 32 percent better performance."

In practice this leads Intel to claims of mainstream laptops which push MacBook Air dimensions with sub 1Kg weights.

"Consumers crave laptops that offer style and performance, and the new 2010 Intel Core Ultra-Low Voltage processors for ultra-thin laptops delivers both, in one sleek design,” said Mooly Eden, VP and general manager of Intel's PC Client Group. "Intel’s leadership in 32nm high-k metal gate process technology, combined with breakthrough architecture and design has enabled thinner, lighter and faster notebooks than previous models, with terrific battery life. Not only are laptops becoming ultraportable, but with the new processors inside, users will see faster response times and less waiting."

The statement is somewhat preachy, but Eden does have a point - AMD isn't scheduled to have 32nm processors out until mid/late 2011, despite that $1.25bn compensation cheque and five year cross licensing agreement.

Interestingly Intel has also announced the Mobile Intel 5 Series chipset for ULV laptops - a category we have long preferred to netbooks. It promises improved audio and video options, enhanced data and PC protection with Intel's 'Anti-Theft Technology'.

Naturally enough more manufacturers are leaping over one another to build machines based around the new chips with Intel quoting more than 40 design wins from the likes of Acer, Asus, Lenovo and MSI and we can't imagine Apple, Dell and HP will be far behind.

And yes, it's never a good time to buy a laptop...

In related news Intel has also confirmed it will make dedicated tablet orientated processors from June. The move may well be an attempt to grasp onto a sector which is currently threatened by ARM-based chipsets such as the Apple A4 chip used in the iPad.

Link: Intel 32nm Processors Release

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