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Intel Unveils Dual-Core Atom and Tiny 'Canoe Lake' Platform


Intel Unveils Dual-Core Atom and Tiny 'Canoe Lake' Platform

Intel has unvieled the latest additions to its ever expanding Atom range in the form of a new dual-core version. The as yet unnamed chip is based on the exisitng Pine Trail platform that you'll find in most current netbooks like the Acer Aspire One 532h-2Dr and Samsung N210. Intel claims it will have performance on a level with existing dual-core desktop Atoms yet will keep power consumption, and thus battery life, in line with existing netbooks. Intel will commence manufacturing these chips within the month and expects it to be in netbooks on shop shelves before Christmas.

Not content with increasing performance, Intel also revealed a new Atom-based platform that makes existing netbooks look positively obese. The new 'Canoe Lake' platform was demonstrated by a prototype just 14mm thick.

The innovation appears to be around the cooling design as much as anything else, which to us suggests this anorexic example is acheived by using a tiny battery that will also have anemic life - and that combination just isn't healthy. That said, with the run-time of three-cell equipped netbooks still pushing four or five hours, there could be a place for a similar ultra-thin model that can get maybe three hours - enough for your daily commute plus a bit extra. Remarkably, Intel expects designs based on Canoe Lake to also be avilable before year's end. We can't wait!

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