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Intel's Ultra Small SSD 310 Series Unveiled

David Gilbert


Intel's Ultra Small SSD 310 Series Unveiled

The power of an Intel X-25-class SSD with reduced boot time, increased system benchmark performance, longer battery life and in an eighth of the size? Sound too good to be true? Well if we believe Intel, it’s Solid State Drive 310 Series delivers on all these promises.

Based on 34nm Intel NAND Flash Memory, the Intel Solid-State Drive 310 Series offers similar performance to a 2.5in Intel Solid-State Drive, but in an eighth of the size. The new SSD measures 51mm x 30mm and is only 5mm thick. The uses for this tiny, fast and flexible SSD seem widespread.

According to Intel, the new SSD can enable responsive dual-drive notebooks, single-drive tablets and low-power, rugged embedded industrial or military applications. Also, when paired with a high-capacity hard disk drive (HDD) in a dual-drive system, the Intel SSD 310 can improve overall PC system performance by up to 60 percent - again according to Intel.

The Intel SSD 310 Series is available in an m-SATA form factor in 40GB and 80GB capacities. It supports SATA signals over a PCI Express (PCIe) mini-connector for on-board, compact storage in single-drive netbooks, tablets or handheld devices. If you are in the position to order 1,000 or more of these SSDs, they will set you back $99 for the smaller version and $179 for the larger drive.

We have seen the movement towards tiny SSDs in recent months including the tiny SanDisk postage stamp-sized one released in August. This movement could see the elimination of HDDs in netbooks which we for one could not be sorry to see the end of.

Source: Intel

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