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Intel Talk Pine Trail Platform


Intel Talks Pine Trail Platform

Intel has delivered a few details about its successors for Atom, codenamed Pineview, and the entire current netbook/nettop platform, codenamed Pine Trail. Most of it we know already, but it's nice to have suspicions confirmed.

Pine Trail is a two-chip solution comprising a CPU and chipset - a chip less than Intel's current Atom solutions. The Pineview processor integrates both a memory controller and integrated graphics solution, with the chipset - Tiger Point - handing I/O work (USB ports and the like).

Consolidating the platform means, Intel says, reduced power consumption, improved performance and a lower cost from Pine Trail as compared to its predecessor. There's also a reduction in the space required by Pine Train, thanks to having fewer chips; although whether that's a huge benefit when current netbooks are small enough anyway is a matter for debate.

Pineview is likely to hurt Ion even more than the current "pretty unfair" Atom pricing offered by Intel. With Intel offering a two chip solution with okay graphics performance itself - almost certainly at a better price than Atom alone - it's going to be difficult to persuade netbook manufacturers that using nVidia's chipset is a better option. Assuming, of course, that the option to buy Atom and shove it with a non-Intel platform is even available, which isn't a definite.


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