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Intel Sonoma Launch Party

Medion was showing off a 17in widescreen machine as well as a thin and light machine with a 12in widescreen display.

Samsung stepped up with its new X25 and X50 laptops, both of which were very thin and stylish. Samsung will ship all but the basic models with ATI X600 or X700 graphics chips, so these should be pretty good for gaming. The X25 will also feature an optional port replicator with a DVI connector among its features.

Sony displayed an updated version of the S1VP with a port replicator and nVidia graphics, as well as the much anticipated Vaio FS, which we should hopefully have a review sample of shortly.

Finally, Toshiba had a couple of models on show, one being its new consumer level laptop and the other one aimed at business.

The evening was just a taster of what was forthcoming from Intel’s partners, so inevitably we were only able to obtain the bare details on each model. Rest assured we’ll be going into more depth as and when we find out more.

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